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Aircraft Flight Training


Choice Aviation - Hamilton, MT

No matter if you’re flying a Husky or a Hawker, you can expect a friendly smile, a warm welcome, and professionals with a passion to serve you. Our goal is to make your vision of aviation a reality. Whether you’re an aspiring airline pilot or a client traveling for business or pleasure, our fleet of aircraft is available for rent, charter, and instruction at each of our four locations. The selection of our current fleet is based on years of experience. Among the craft that we own, charter, or manage, we’ve endeavored to choose the best products, capable of servicing the largest market segments. Our fleet is small in scale, allowing our pilots to be true masters of the equipment they operate. We are constantly evaluating these aircraft, and we will gladly assist with your personal aircraft as well. In addition, Choice Aviation has the capability to broker trips through thousands of similar charter operators. We’ll search every fleet type from key operators to ensure the best price for you. Give us a call today for further information on how we can best serve your flight needs: 307.587.9262.