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2022 AIRBUS H145

Reg # N145EL


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2022 “NEW” 145E “e-lite” EMS or VIP, DPIFR, new ship warranty Delivering 'green ship" in 90-120 days to customer specs:
. Spacious interior with a large unobstructed flat floor cabin providing excellent cockpit visibility for pilots/crew as well as unrivalled loading capability from the rear and side.
. Flexibility in role change including rapidly interchangeable optional equipment, such as the rescue hoist, internal long range fuel tank, cargo hook, bambi bucket amongst others.
. New state-of-the-art “Single Pilot VFR Day” glass cockpit for optimized mission efficiency and safety:
. Garmin 500H – a unique color coding, warning and information concept
. GTN 650 GPS and communication system with a bright colored, easy-to-use touchscreen reducing pilot workload.
No compromise on Safety
. Fully compliant to the latest crashworthiness requirements FAR29/CS29- airframe, landing gear and seats
. High set main rotor system and standard light weight tail rotor system. No “Fenestron added weight or cost issues.
. Redundant systems- hydraulic, electrical and lubrication for the main transmissions


GTN 750 GPS/COM Garmin VHF/GPS Antenna Comant HTAWS Enablement Card Garmin Transponder (Dual GTX330ES) Garmin Transponder Antenna Comant XM Weather Garmin Traffic Warning Garmin Antenna Garmin 3,508 Marker Receiver Honeywell Marker Antenna Comant (1) Co-Pilot / (2) Rear Cabin Audio Panels Becke ELT System with Nav capability Artex FM VHF/UHF Transcei Technisoni 800 Mhz FM Antenna VHF Hi Antenna, UHF Antenna Storm scope Remote FM Control Univ Radio Interface W/ Mic Amp Isolator Amplifier 28VDC Converter KGS Cord Assemblies Comm Innovations Flight Following Sys Voice & Text Message NVG STC Cockpit / Cabin ASU Hot Mike in Clamshell door area n/c Rh Panel Extension n/c Radio Master North Flight Data Systems NFDS Garmin and Radome

Additional Equipment

Cockpit/cabin separation curtain, NVG version, fixed provision Cockpit/cabin separation curtain, NVG version, detachable parts Tail Flood Lights Side Loading Lights over Sliding Door Air Conditioning System, Mechanical Driven, Dual Evaporator Metro (ECD factory std) Aft Cabin Loading Light (ADD TIMER) "Nightingale" Light MAI No charge Whelen Wing Tip Strobes WITH MAI LED ANTICOLLISION LT 2 Two 2 ea 250 watt Fixed Rear Cross Tube Mounted Lights Super Night Scanner WSPS DART FACTORY Lead Acid Battery (3) Color Paint MAI 400 / 200 IR Searchlight Helisas Cobham

Modifications / Conversions

Suction and Air system with 2 outlets each, system built into the aircraft THOMAS Aluminum Medical Floor, non-skid gray powder coat with avionics access First AFT facing tracking and swiveling seat Fisher Second Aft Facing swiveling rotating seat and tracking Fisher Third FWD/AFT facing swiveling rotating seat and tracking Fisher Fourth track and swiveling seat Fisher Full height cabinet w/ Lox MAI Primary IV Rail Hooks (3 hook Portable Oxygen Mount (mounted on clamshell door) Portable Oxygen Mount aft of pilot seat for D size bottle Primary litter, wheeled, Stryker Pro Flex Lox System Internal - LOCATED IN CABINET (Option to have external LOX) Medical Inverter w/ line & auto switching. Separate heater (high load) plug (15amp) Cargo net on LH clamshell door ECD INCL Cabin Led flood lights, Blue/White High/Med/Low. Additional patient exam light, style and location to be determined. Cabin flood will be operational on shore and aircraft power. Add touch light over each AFT facing attendant seat MAI Add one touch light in center AFT cabin for patient exam MAI No charge PP MD Mount / Revel Ventilator Mount / (2) Mini-Med Infusion Pump Mounts MAI Medical wall on primary side grid style Medical wall on right hand side, grid style MAI SPECIAL Pouches per customer spec - Colors TBD MAI Center Console Mount MAI LH only slant medical switch panel / RH switch panel only no slant MAI 1 Medical equipment mounting, rails systems available in all AFT windows, depending on primary MED wall config MAI Nylon Bumper to protect end piece at entry of clamshell doors MAI Kydex Wall at Clamshell Doors MAI Co-Pilot Storage Storage Box like SN 20024 behind Pilot for NVG Goggles MAI Pilot Storage Storage Box like SN 20024 behind Pilot for Manuals MAI

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