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Reg # OY-DBB


  • 1961 AMERICAN CHAMPION 7-FC Photo 2
  • 1961 AMERICAN CHAMPION 7-FC Photo 3
  • 1961 AMERICAN CHAMPION 7-FC Photo 4


Description Private aircraft, hangared
Certified in the experimental category because the original Continental C90 engine was replaced with a Continental O-200-A, 100 hp engine

Aircraft Built on Danish BL2.2 Rules

Previously registered in USA as N9922Y, then OY-DBB and now OY-DBM
In storage for many years

Not flown since 4/7/2015, now in airworthy condition

Fabric replaced June 1985

In 1957, Champion brought out the 7FC, which is similar to the 7EC but with tricycle landing gear instead of conventional (tailwheel) gear, oleo struts on all 3 wheels, and extra frame bracing for the nosewheel.

Factory standard equipment was comparable to the 7EC DeLuxe Traveler.

The 7FC is 3 mph (4.8 km/h) slower and 90 lb (41 kg) heavier than an equivalent 7EC, with a standard useful load of 540 lb (245 kg), compared with 630 lb (286 kg) for the 7EC;

Originally both used the 90 hp (67 kW) Continental C90-12F engine.

Standard gross weight of the 7FC is 1,450 lb (660 kg) with an increase to 1,500 lb (680 kg) allowed with the installation of "Wide Track Main Gear."

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