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1968 Bell 205A-1+

Reg # C-FFJY


  • 1968 Bell 205A-1+ Photo 2


17,962 TTSN
23,657 Cycles
652 Hours Remaining To Overhaul


AMS 43 Controller (#1)
AMS 43H Controller (#2)
Bendix / King KY196A VHF Radio
King KTR-905 VHF Comm (#1)
Narco 120 VHF Comm (#2)
NAT NT-403 UHF Transceiver-Nose
NAT NT-30B VHF FM Transceiver
King 905 Transceiver
Garmin 396 GPS W/ Map
King KT 79 TSO Transponder
Encoding Altimeter
Artex ME 406 ELT
Panel Hot Mic Switch
Pilot / Co-Pilot ICS Panel
L/H -R/H Main Cabin ICS Panel
Pilot / CO-Pilot Artificial Horizons
Servo Amp DG System
Cabin Speaker Aft - (2 Each)
Cabin Speaker Fwd - (2 Each)


Red with Gold Accent Stripes


Forward Cabin Seating - Pilot / Co-Pilot
Main Cabin Seating - 4 Rear Facing / 5 Forward Facing - Mid Cabin
Rear Cabin Seating - 2 Side Facing - LH / 2 Side Facing - RH

Additional Equipment

Dual Controls
UH-1 Cargo Hook Assembly
Dual Cargo Mirrors (Dart)
Cambell Fwd Cargo Hook Restraint
High Skid Gear
Dart Bear Paws
Pilot / Co-Pilot Forward Step
Co-Pilot Door Bubble Assembly
L/H Sliding Door - Main Cabin
R/H Sliding Door - Main Cabin
L/H & R/H Sliding Door
Push Out Sliding Windows
Automatic Door (Dart)
Dart Heli-Access-Step
Dual Concorde Battery
Aero Design Basket (R/H)Provisions
AFS Particle Seperator
Bleed Air Heating System
Inlet Barrier Filter System
Electric Boost Pump (L/H)
Sacks-A-Foam Controller
Sacks-A-Foam-2.5 Halon 1211-L/H
Sacks-A-Foam-2.5 Halon 1211-R/H
Forward Ballast - L/H- R/H-Cntr
Sound Proofing - Aft Trans Tunnell
Sound Proofing - Main Cabin


Extensive Airframe Refurbishment - Completed August 2105

TransGlobal Aviation


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Fax: 905-853-6143

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