1984 Cessna Citation III










Cessna Citation III / VI / VII

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Advanced Aviation Sales Inc.
291 Airport Road North
Suite D3
Naples FL 34104
Alternate Phone: (239) 825-0293

MAKE: Cessna MODEL: 650 S/N: 650-0061 YEAR of MFG: 1984 

AIRFRAME TT:  11035.5 LANDINGS:  8308 Current as of 12/17/2018 


LEFT: S/N P-87234 TSN 10891.7 CSN 7751  Last CZI  10851.2 TSN Next Due 15051.2 TSN Remaining    4159.5 Hours Last MPI 10851.2 TSN Next Due 12951.2 TSN Remaining    2059.5 Hours 

RIGHT: S/N P-87238 TSN 10840.0 CSN 7560  Last CZI  10799.5 TSN Next Due 14999.5 TSN Remaining    4159.5 Hours Last MPI 10799.5 TSN Next Due 12899.5 TSN Remaining    2059.5 Hours 

APU: T-62T-40C3A1 MSP  MSP Gold  Other  Specify       S/N 851805 TSN 2345 CSN 4464 PATS, Inc. STC SA289NE Installation Stead Aviation Corporation 1/15/1984. 

AVIONICS  Auto Flight:  Honeywell SPZ-650 System  Flight Director:  Dual Honeywell FZ-500  Auto-pilot:  Honeywell SP-650  


Radio Controls:  Collins CTL-X2’s Installed by Diamond Avionics & Instruments Inc. 7/06/1997 

VOX Intercom: Dual Intervox AA80-020 Installed by Duncan Aviation 5/19/2004

VHF:  Dual Collins VHF-22A  HF:  Dual Bendix/King KHF-950 Installed by Stead Aviation

SELCAL HF  VHF : Installed by Stead Aviation Corporation 12/15/1984 

Radio Telephone: Magnastar Installed by Diamond Avionics & Instruments 

CVR: Fairchild GA-100 Installed by Citation Service Center 


RVSM Solution: Cessna SB650-34-07 5/19/2004 by Duncan Aviation  Primary Altimetry:  IDC  

Air Data:  Honeywell Dual AZ-810 

Radio Altimeter:  Collins ALT-50 

FMS #1: Universal UNS-1E SCN 802.8 Installed by Duncan Aviation 5/19/2004  

FMS #2: Universal UNS-1M SCN 23.X Installed by Diamond Avionics & Instruments Inc. 7/06/1997  

VOR:  Dual Collins VIR-32 

DME:  Dual Collins DME42 

ADF:  Single Collins ADF-60 

Transponder:  Dual ACSS NXT-700 Installed by Duncan Aviation 11/16/2017  

ADS-B IN  OUT : STC ST02609LA Aviation Communications & Surveillance Systems. Installed by Duncan Aviation 11/16/2017.  

TCAS I  II : CAS-67 with Change 7 Updated by Duncan Aviation 5/19/2004.  

TAWS A  B : Universal TAWAS Installed by Duncan Aviation 5/19/2004.  

Radar: Honeywell Primus 870 Installed by Duncan Aviation 

EFIS:  Honeywell Dual EDZ-600 system 

MFD: Universal MFD-640 Installed by Duncan Aviation 

Additional Equipment Increase Takeoff and Landing Weight SB650-32-13 R01 complied with 9/26/1986. Devore Tel-Tail Light kit STC 8854SW installed 5/23/1994. Baggage compartment stainless steel overhead panels installed by Van Dusen Airport Services 3/18/1998. Concorde RG-380E/44 Lead Acid Main Batteries installed 5/29/1998. Artex C406-2 with NAV Interface installed by Duncan Aviation 10/28/2003. 3 place divan Installed by Duncan Aviation 5/19/2004. WSI Flight Guide 5000 System Installed by Duncan Aviation 5/19/2004. N1 DEEC’s STC ST01756CH-D installed by Duncan Aviation 11/21/2017. 

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