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1977 CESSNA 180

Reg # N180WJ


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Maniacally restored and in as new condition Cessna 180K
Specifications subject to verification by purchaser

Total Time: 3,228
Maniacally restored Cessna 280K

Expoprted to the United Kingdom in June 1977
Registered G-BETG

Re-registered in USA as N180WJ on March 30, 2009

Purchased by current owner and based in Italy in 2016

Propfessionally restored between January and June 2017

Engine was disassembled, inspected and refurbished as required.

Airframe, wing structure, landing gear, gear and propeller overhauled
Several parts refurbished or replaced with new ones.
Chassis and load-carrying structures borescoped.

Removed all paint and resprayed entire aircraft saving around 16 kg of weight

Cabin interior refitted entirely refurbished with leather

Intrior and exterior condiion rataed 9 out of 10,

Equipped with many options and full-IFR Glass Cockpit

N180WJ is capable of taking off at full-load in about 780 feet under ISA condition, climb 1000ft/min, cruise at 9500 feet, burning only 12.5 USG/H and cruising at 135 KIAS


Overhauled in June 2017
Magnetos installed at overhaul, Carburettor MA-4-5, Starter MCL-6504 overhauled, Oil Cooler inspected, Engine Mount NDT'd

SN 060494
Total Time: 1753.48
TSOH: 469
Overhauled and reinstalled in June 2017


Full glass cockpit, all-new instrument panel fitted in 2017

Garmin G500 PFD and MFD including GDU620, STC SA02015SE-D, Installed February 2013
Garmin GRS77 AHRS;
Temperature probe
Garmin GMU44 magnetometer
Garmin GDC74 ADC
Garmin GNS430 NAV/COM/GPS (Non WAAS)

ILS/VOR/RNAV approach capabilities; ADS-B and TCAS capabilities
Garmin GTN750 WAAS Touchscrreen NAV/COM/GPS, STC SA2019SE-D, Installed March 2013
Garmin G5 Attitude Indicator, STC SA1818WI, Installed March 2018
Garmin G5 HSI, STC SA1818WI, Installed March 2018
Garmin GAD293 GPS NAV Interface
King KN64 DME
S-TEC 30 Roll/Pitch autopilot, STC SA09267AC-D, Installed March 2013
Garmin GTX345 AS Transponder ADSB In/Out, STC SA01714WI, Installed Nov. 2018
Narco AR850 Blind Encoder
GTS800 TAS System, STC SA02121SE, Installed Nov. 2018
Kannad 406AF-Compact ELT with panel mounted Switch
JPI EDM 930 Primary Engine Data Management System including: MAP, Tachometer, CHT, EGT, Fuel Quantity, Volt, indications, STC SA1435SE, Installed June 2017
Dgital RPM/MAP Indicator Alarm
IPad Mini Tablet Mount
Digital Timer
USB Power outlet - 2 on Pilot Side; 2 on Passenger Side
Pilot side yoke mounted push-to-talk button
Classic Cessna-style yokes
Push To Talk Switches on Both Yokes
Glareshield Eyebrow light
Starter Engage Light
Low Voltage Warning Light
Avionics Master Switch


White with two tones of blue and bronze accents
Cessna 180 custom livery, rated 9/10


Full Tan Leather Interior, 4 Seats with Had Rests
Totally refurbished, floor to ceiling in 2017, Rated 9/10
Tan Inteerior Plastic Panels
Brown Carpet and Brown Seat Belts

Late style doors with overcenter latches (No slam)

Pilot and Co-Pilot seats fitted with removable Sheepskin Co

Additional Equipment

Shep Skin Covers for Pilot and Co-pilot Seats
Engine Air Inlet Plugs
Bruce Aircraft Cabin Cover

Modifications / Conversions

Micro AeroDynamics Inc Vortex Generators STC SA04616SE
Acorn Welding Engine Mount STC SA015732NY, Installed June 2020
AFC Remote Oil Filter Kit, STC SA00079NY, Installed November 24, 2018

Barton Monarch Fuel Caps STC SA382CE
Aero Fabricators Pilots, Co-Pilot and Passengers Shoulder Harness and Seat Belt Kit, STC SA1476GL
Aero Vent System, Texas Aeroplastics, STC SA2411CH
Doors Stewart Kit Gas Springs, STC SA011200SE
Rosen Sunvisors

LED Landing and Taxi Lights

Droop Wing Tips
Battery Maintainer Connector
8.50 Wheels
Flap Extension Lever
Kmnots 2 You Flaps Gap Seals Kit, STC SA2382NM, Installed June 2017
SAF-T-Stops, additional Pilot Seat Stops
Inertial Reel Belt pilot and Co-Pilot Seat Stops
Co-Pilot disengaging Rudder Pedals
Factory Corrosion Proofing
Overhead mounted inertia reel shoulder harnesses
Rosen Sun Visors
Flat floor extended baggage hold
Cargo tie downs
Baggage door (‘55-style 180)
Both doors fitted with opening windows
FFA-PMA approved Skylights (Tinted)
Wing struts Fairings
Landing Gear Sturts Fairings
Wheel Brakes Fairings
Tailcone Lift Handles
Heated Pitot
NAV Lights
Strobe Lights
Oil Quick Drain
Dome Lights

Shep Skin Covers for Pilot and Co-pilot Seats
Engine Air Inlet Plugs
Bruce Aircraft Cabin Cover


Next annual inspection due in June 2023

Aeromeccanica, SA


Phone: (41) 9121 03128

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