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2022 TECNAM P2010 TDI


  • 2022 TECNAM P2010 TDI Photo 2


2022 Tecnam P2010TDI SN 171
Garmin G1000 Avionics
GFC 700 Autopilot
Delivery 3d Qtr. Price $559,672.00

Total Time: 0
Manufacturer’s Full Two Year Limited Warranty
Pilot’s Operation Handbook
Maintenance Manual
Parts Catalog
Aircraft Log Book
Engine Log Book Toe Brakes
Parking Brake
Electrical Flaps
Dual Flight Controls
Castering Nose Wheel
Aileron Lock and Elevator Lock
Flight Trim Controls
– Rudder with Indicator
– Stabilator with Indicator
Engine Controls:
– Throttle
– Mixture
– Alternate Air
– Fuel Control Selector with LH/RH/OFF

Time: 0 SNEW
TBO: 2,000
P2010-Tdi MkII Continental Engine CD-170 Turbo (170hp)
Tubular Steel Engine Mount
Dynafocal Rear Mount
Engine Driven Vacuum Pump
Alternate Engine Air
Oil Cooler
Shock Mounted Cowling
Throttle Control
Mixture Control
Dual Ignition System, Shielded Magneto Engine Exhaust Muffer
Fixed Pitch 2 Blade MT Propeller
Propeller Spinner
Electric Starter


Garmin G1000 Nxi
G1000 Nxi Integrated Flight Deck System, includes:
GDU 1050 1O-inches PFD
GDU 1050 1O-inches MFD
Dual GEA 71 Engine & Airframe unit
Dual GIA 63WAAS Com/nav/GPS/GS/Loc
GMA1347 Digital audio system
GMU44 Magnetometer
GDC72 Air data computer
GTX345R Mode S Transponder (ADS-B In and OUT)
GFC 700 Autopilot Including Electronic Stability & Protection (ESP)
also includes:
Altitude Encoder
Avionics Master Switch
Mic & Phone Jacks Pilot/Copilot/Passengers
Hand Held Microphone
Avionics Circuit Breaker Panel
Pilot And Co-Pilot PTT
ELT 406
• Marker Beacon Antenna
• Transponder Antenna
• VHF Antenna
• NAV Antenna
• Emergency Locator Transmitter Antenna


Epoxy Corrosion Proo ng, All Structure
LH/RH Front Door Pilot/Co-Pilot, Lock and Key
Rh Rear Door Passenger
Rh Baggage Door With Lock
Rear Window
All Lateral Windows Tinted
Fixed Landing Gear
White Polyurethane Exterior Paint
Tie Down Rings
Main Wheels, 6.00 X 6
Nose Wheel, 5.00 X 5


Premium Interior
Pilot and Co-Pilot Seats Leather
– Adjustable Fore and Aft
– Vertical Adjustment
Two Rear Passenger Seats Leather
Seat Belts & Shoulder Harness, All Seats
Wall To Wall Carpeting
Hand Held Fire Extinguisher
Map & Storage Pockets
Radio Call Plate
Tow Bar
Luggage Compartments
Overhead Cockpit Speaker
Four Position Intercom System
First Aid Kit

Additional Equipment

Magnetic Compass
MD 302 Standby Attitude Module
Pitot System Heated
Static System
Alternate Static Source
Stall Warning Audible
Stabilator Trim Position Indicator
Rudder Trim Position Indicator
Two Integral Fuel Tanks With 240 Litres (64 UsGal) Total Capacity
Engine Driven Fuel Pump
Auxiliary Fuel Pump, Electric
Fuel Tank Quick Drain
Fuel Selector Valve, Left//Right/Off

Modifications / Conversions

Alternator, 28 Volt, 60 Amp
Battery, 24 Volt 8.0 AH
Rocker Switches:
– Master Switch
– Fuel Pump
– Landing Light
– Taxi Light
– Navigation Lights
– Strobe Light
External Power Supply Receptacle
Circuit Breaker Panel
Static Discharge Wicks
Landing/Taxi Light LED
Nav. Lights LED with Strobe Aveo Full LED TSO
Landing/Taxi Light LED
Cabin comfort system
Windshield Defroster
Ventilator adjustable, 4 Place
Heating System
Cabin Monoxide Detection System


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