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Cessna 170 aircraft for sale

1948 Cessna 170 Tail Dragger for sale -
Cessna 170 Tail Dragger Good Condition Price: $92,000 Competitive and Negotiable. Appraisal available for seriously interested parties. Engine: C145 Series Interior: Upholstered Excellent Condition 4 passenger Exterior: Custom gorgeous paint job. This Cessna 170 has been stored in a hanger and loved on by my father since 1979. Given its remarkable condition and exceptional value, this Cessna 1......more.

Stubbs Davis - 214-676-9900




1951 CESSNA 170  for sale -
Airframe: TTAF: 4952 Engines: SMOH: 1471 Don't miss the chance to own this aircraft. Click here for more details..

Erik Bertelsen - 727-643-9163




1954 Cessna 170B for sale -
Airframe: TTAF: 3521 Engines: Franklin 6A350-C1R 220hp All 6 cyls-293 SOH all 78/80 or better. TSOH: 1018 Props: Hartzell C/S prop SPOH: 398......more.

Kenneth Wolbeck - 780-781-9576