2005 FLIGHT DESIGN CTSW for sale - AircraftDealer.com

Reg. #: N814PP

TT: 324

Short wing version with redesigned wingtips makes this airplane one of the fastest LSAs but maintains lower stall speeds. Beautiful all composite modern airplane. Very comfortable wide cabin. Super low-time airframe and engine. EFIS, BRS Autopilot, Garmin 696 and more. Airframe: AFTT: Hobbs 324.2 hrs. as of 8-27-18 Engines: Engine(s)SNEW: Hobbs 324.2 hrs. as of 8-27-18 Props: Prop Specs3-bla......more.

T.J Neff Aircraft Sales

2007 FLIGHT DESIGN CTSW for sale - AircraftDealer.com

Reg. #: OK-MUU

TT: 400

Engine(s): ROTAX 912 UL 80 HP Prop Specs: SR 3000 CONSTANT SPEED PROPELLER Don't miss the chance to own this aircraft. Click here for more details..

OK Aviation Sales

2008 FLIGHT DESIGN CTLS for sale - AircraftDealer.com

Reg. #: N570BX

TT: 430

34 gallons of 91+ Octane Auto Fuel Or 100LL Burns less than 5 gallons per hour Stall speed 39kts at 35 degree flaps Cruise 120 kts Airframe: All Composite structure with a carbon fibre cockpit cage. Large opening doors High wing with no struts and winglets Stabilator 3 axis trim Tricycle gear with steerable nose wheel Wheel Pants Many windows including above 35 to -6 degrees flaps......more.

Charles Morrison