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Lancair aircraft for sale



1992 Lancair 320 for sale -

Aircraft Bidder - 937-418-4498




1997 LANCAIR IV for sale -
Rare Turbo Normalized Lancair IV. Io550-G, Advanced Avionics Flight Systems, Builder was former Lancair Employee and Lancair IV Build Specialists Engines: Turbo Normalized IO550-G with 1200 Hours Props: Hartzell Scimitar 3 Blade Propeller......more.

Echelon Flight Support - 844-220-6092




2001 Lancair IV-P for sale -

Kent Cook Aircraft - 309-453-7351




2003 LANCAIR IV-P for sale -
Great example of a well built and low time IVP. Owner is upgrading to cabin class, and is ready to sell. Dual Garmin 430 WAAS, Vision Micro and a nice clean 6 pack instrument panel. If you want to add Garmin G3x instrument panel, CALL US, we have the best avionics and Lancair shops in the country. Make this your dream airplane and we will help you make it happen. Airframe: TTAF: 400 En......more.

Echelon Flight Support - 844-220-6092




2004 LANCAIR IV-PT for sale -
INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE! Super fast. Super high flying in pressurized turbine-engine comfort with 750 horses. What happens when you buy a jet? You have to sell your turbo-prop. Even a gorgeous one like this. See below. Airframe: Stainless steel housing added around the torsion box for the nosewheel, new bearing. Heavy duty front strut New Tires & Brakes - 15 Hrs. ago Dukes Pressurization - N......more.

T.J Neff Aircraft Sales - (415) 898-5151




2006 Lancair Columbia 400 for sale -

Southwest Aero - 602-363-4709




2009 LANCAIR ES-P for sale -
Very well built and proven Lancair ESP. Pressurized Cabin, Air Conditioning, Kelly Aerospace De-ice, MT Composite 3 Blade Propeller and Excellent Maintenance History. Engines: Engine 1 Time 930 SNEW TCM TSIO550-E with 350 Horsepower Twin Turbo Twin Intercoolers Props: MT 3 Blade Composite......more.

Echelon Flight Support - 844-220-6092