1960 MOONEY M20A  for sale - AircraftDealer.com

Reg. #: CF-LCV

TT: 1623

Canadian Registered Mooney Mark 20A. Note Fiberglassed Wings. Gear Up Landing 2002. Engine Timed by From Aviation Ltd. Very nice Mooney ready to go flying. Engines: Engine1 Overhaul Time: 229 Props: Prop SpecsDUE 2024 TSOH 4 Hours......more.

Aircraft Canada

1967 Mooney M20F Executive 21 for sale - AircraftDealer.com

Reg. #: N112PH

TT: 6367

Dan Howard Aircraft Sales LLC

1968 Mooney M20G  for sale - AircraftDealer.com

Reg. #: N3759N

TT: 5370

Mooney Strength, Speed and Economy. 140kts at only 10GPH! Airframe Details: One piece windshield Cowling enclosure faring Manual Gear/Flaps Reiff engine Heater Fuel 50gals Service Bulletin 208 Complied (no corrosion) Engine(s) Details: Lycoming O-360 180H.P. 810 SMOH (2005) by Triad Burlington N.C. to Factory New Limits 810 SPOH (2005)......more.

USA Aircraft Brokers, Inc.

1968 MOONEY M20F EXEC 21 for sale - AircraftDealer.com
Engine(s): Engine – Lycoming IO-360 A1A Don't miss the chance to own this aircraft. Click here for more details..

Airside Aviation Inc

1976 MOONEY M20F for sale - AircraftDealer.com
This is a Turbo!!!! Airframe: 2592.5 hrs TTSNEW Engine(s): 34.9 hrs Lycoming IO-540-K1A5 Overhauled by Pro Aero, August 2014 Prop Specs: 174.4 hrs Hartzell 2 blade Prop New in June 2007......more.

Prairie Aircraft Sales Ltd.

1977 Mooney M20J 201 for sale - AircraftDealer.com

Reg. #: N201KZ

TT: 2550

Airframe Time: 2550 Hours Engine Time: 350 SMOH by JB Aircraft Engines (Lycoming IO-360, 2000 Hr TBO) 2005 Propeller Time: 350 SPOH on Harzell Three Blade Useful Load: 984 lbs Annual Due: January 2019 Avionics: Garmin GMA 340 Audio panel with 3LMB Apollo MX 20 MFD Color Moving Map Garmin CNX 80 Color IFR Moving Map GPS/Com with WAAS Garmin Glide Slope/VOR/Localizer Indicator Mac 1700 ......more.

Skywagons.com, LLC

1977 MOONEY M20J 201  for sale - AircraftDealer.com

Reg. #: N201QJ

TT: 2755

77 Mooney 201 - Trade in, don't need it, bring your offers! 2755 TT, 75 SMOH, 341 SNew Prop. Airframe: Total time since new - 2755 hours Complete logs No damage history Engines: Engine1 Overhaul Time:75 Engine 1 Overhaul Type:SMOH Engine Time SMOH done in 11/2017 - 75 Hours Props: Hartzell F7497 Two Bladed Propeller Since New in 2018 : 341 Hours......more.

Kent Cook Aircraft

1979 MOONEY M20K 231 for sale - AircraftDealer.com

Reg. #: N231TW

TT: 4580

Aircraft is in excellent shape. Owner spares no expense to have any issue addressed. IFR and ADSB ready for 2020! Aircraft Check Out is Included in Sale Price! Engines: Engine was replaced with Factory Reman in Nov. 2003 Was taken apart and inspected over 400 hours ago for minor prop strike. SMOH: 950 STOH: 430 Major components replaced Props: McCauley 3-blade TTSN: 430 ......more.

Jose Moreno

1979 MOONEY M20J 201 for sale - AircraftDealer.com

Reg. #: N4804H

TT: 5878

Great IFR panel: Garmin GTN 750 (WAAS), Aspen Evolution EFD1000 Pro PFD, King KFC 200 autopilot, Garmin GDL 88 ADS-B in/out with weather & traffic, Garmin GMA 350 audio panel, JPI engine monitoring. Mooney Service Center maintained; mechanically in great condition and the engine runs strong! Airframe: 5878 total time Engine(s): 1497 SMOH Props: 736 SPOH......more.

Air-Mods & Repair Inc.

1979 Mooney M20J  for sale - AircraftDealer.com

Reg. #: N4626H

TT: 4576

Airframe Time: 4576 Hours Engine Time: 1200 SMOH (Lycoming IO-360, 2000 Hr TBO) 2005 Propeller Time: 222 SPOH on Harztell Two Blade Useful Load: 988 lbs Annual Due: December 2019......more.

Skywagons.com, LLC

1979 MOONEY M20K 305 ROCKET  for sale - AircraftDealer.com
Airframe: 3651.7 hrs TT as of Jan 2019 (aircraft is flown regularly) For damage history, please see logs at the bottom of the ad. Engine(s): 572.8 hrs Continental TSIO-520-NB Overhauled by Aero Recip, December 2007 (TBO 1400hrs) Rocket 305 Conversion! Props: 264.1 hrs McCauley 3 Blade, with Heat and TKS Overhauled in September 2011......more.

Prairie Aircraft Sales Ltd.

1980 MOONEY M20J for sale - AircraftDealer.com

Reg. #: N3716H

TT: 2227

Airframe: 2227.9 TOTAL HOURS SINCE NEW Engine(s): LYCOMING IO-360-A3B6D, 2000 TBO SERIAL NO. L-21128-51A 925.6 SMOH Prop Specs: MCCAULEY 2-BLADE SPOH 925.6......more.

Berard Aviation



1981 Mooney 201 for sale - AircraftDealer.com

Reg. #: N1138N

TT: 2850

Airframe Time: 2850 Hours Engine Time: 398 SMOH in 2007 (Lycoming IO-360, 2000 Hr TBO) Propeller Time: 398 SPOH (C214 two Blade McCauley) Useful Load: 980 lbs Annual Due: January 2019 Avionics: King KMA 24 Audio Panel with 3 LMB Garmin GNS 530 Color IFR GPS/Com with WAAS King KCS 55A Slaved HSI King KI 209 Glide Slope Receiver/Indicator King KR 87 Digital ADF with Remote BFO King KT ......more.

Skywagons.com, LLC

1982 MOONEY M20J 201  for sale - AircraftDealer.com
300 HP MISSLE CONVERSION GNS 430W, EDM 830, WX500 LONG RANGE FUEL 190 KTAS THIS SPECIFICATION IS SUBJECT TO VERIFICATION, AVAILABILITY & CHANGE WITHOUT NOTIFICATION. Airframe: 3385 TT Engines: Continental IO550A 300 HP Rocket Engineering Missile Conversion from 200 HP 1082.0 TT (MISSLE CONVERSION) 318.5 STOP (1700 TBO) Props: 495 SPOH (Feb. 21, 2010) Hartzell 3 Blade Conversion –......more.

Anaconda Jet Sales

1985 Mooney M20K 305 Rocket for sale - AircraftDealer.com

Reg. #: N66JG

TT: 3270

Lone Mountain Aircraft