1998 Schweitzer 300CB for sale - AircraftDealer.com

Reg. #: N61482

TT: 4249

Airframe Time: 4249 Hours Total Time Engine Time: 380 SFREM on IO-360 Lycoming with 2000 TBO Blade Times: No Blade has less than 1100 hours remaining Useful Load: 712 Lbs Annual Due: September 2019 Avionics: King KY 196A Digital 760 Channel flip/flop Com Garmin GX 55 Moving Map GPS Garmin GTX 330 Transponder (Traffic capable) Hamilton Vertical Card Compass Sigtronics SPA 400 Intercom ......more.

Skywagons.com, LLC

2001 SCHWEIZER 300CB for sale - AircraftDealer.com

Reg. #: N302HG

TT: 5577

Total Time: 5,577 Engine Overhaul: 52 SFOH 52 Hours on Factory Overhaul. Excellent for IFR Trainer NVG Trainer External load TRainer Excellent component times. Airframe: Aero Dynamix Night Vision Compatible lighting system Freeflight Radar Altimeter Cargo hook system with pilot and co-pilot release switch Start-up RPM limit Indicator light. Paravian Door openers No Damage History ......more.

Lowe Aviation Company

2004 SCHWEIZER 269C-1 for sale - AircraftDealer.com