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Staudacher aircraft for sale

1992 Staudacher DC-11 Amphibious Floatplane for sale -

Reg. #: N327MS

TT: 448

AircraftMerchants, LLC - (919) 553-5235




1994 STAUDACHER SB985 for sale -
1997 Oshkosh Reserve Grand Champion for an experimental “Plans Built” aircraft. This fully aerobatic aircraft has inverted capability, a second seat in front of the main pilot seat (full controls, no brakes). This is the only Staudacher 985 aircraft in existence. Airframe: TTAF: 489 Engines: Engine 1 Overhaul Time: 489 Pratt and Whitney R-985, 450hp Props: 489 Since Overhaul......more.

J.A. Aero Inc. - (630) 549-2100