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1968 NANCHANG CJ-6A M-14P for sale -
Airframe: TT: 5515 hrs Cleveland nose wheel Engines: M-14P TTE: 1065 hrs Stainless exhaust Intake drain Oil shutoff valve Heating pads Spin on oil filter Main air ball valve Electric aux fuel pump Props: V530C prop......more.



1967 PA-28-180 for sale -
Airframe: TTAF: 4995.52 Horener wing tips Engines: TSOH: 469.52 Props: SPOH: 55.34 Don't miss the chance to own this aircraft. Click here for more details..



1967 CESSNA150 G for sale -
Hangared at 6D6 Greenville, Mi. Many upgrades/parts,such as Carb overhauled, fuel lines, brake lines, Fuel vent mod. Sump drains, gascolator, brakes,tires, Airbox,Nose strut, shimmy damper, Oil sump heater, new magnetos and harnesses, new motor mounts bushings, and baffles. Airframe: TTAF: approx. 1800 hrs Engines: TTE: approx. 1800 hrs Good compressions, very low oil consumption, very cl......more.



1966 CHEROKEE 140  for sale -
Airframe: Original TTAF: 1996 Recent tires & tubes Wing tip mod Tail strobe Engines: TTE: 1996 Recent mags 500-hr OH Sealed battery EGT Props: SPOH: 2-hrs......more.



1956 HILLER UH12C for sale -
Airframe: TTAF: 1200 hrs Long range fuel tanks Engines: Franklin 6V-350-B TTE: 1203.5 TSOH: 3.5......more.

Trish Tyler - 918-519-1802




1946 CESSNA C140 for sale -
Airframe: TT: 1461 Metal wings Engines: C85 SMOH: 813 Don't miss the chance to own this aircraft. Click here for more details..